April 6, 2022

Top 5 Cold Email Agencies 2022

Choosing an agency is tough. They all claim big things, they all have reviews and testimonials and many boast an impressive client list. So which one do you go with?

We have compiled a list of the top 5 cold email agencies of 2022, so you don’t have to:

  1. Best All-Round - Linked Hacker

Cold email is a numbers game, and when it comes to numbers, Linked Hacker is king. The Linked Hacker team has generated B2B leads worth upwards of $1B using cold email for 1,300+ clients in 20+ countries across 60+ industries. They send over 5 million cold emails every year, with an average open rate of 62% and an average reply rate of 10%.

They also have proprietary software that guesses and verifies professional email addresses, giving them unparalleled data quality, a key when it comes to deliverability.

Linked Hacker also has the benefit of being one of the cheapest in the game, with their main service costing just $199 per week


Best numbers in the game

Proprietary software


They only offer one service

Based in the UK, so time zones can be a pain if you’re not based in Europe

  1. Longest Established - Pearl Lemon Leads

Founded in 2016, Pearl Lemon Leads is another UK based lead generation and cold email agency. They have been around longer than most, and offer a comprehensive range of services, including cold email, LinkedIn lead generation, telemarketing and appointment setting. They look and feel the real deal, and are a great choice for outbound campaigns.


Best if you want to run multiple outbound campaigns with the same agency


Pricey and requires long-term commitment to start

  1. Best US-Based Cold Email Agency - Lead Cookie

Founded in 2017, Lead Cookie is one of the best outbound lead gen agencies in the world. Lead Cookie has helped 500+ companies around the world with its team of 35 in-house experts.


Best if you want a US-based agency


3-month minimum commitment

Minimum spend $5k

  1. Biggest - Sales Hive

Having generated 36,225 B2B sales meetings for over 200 companies, Sales Hive has a great pedigree. With nearly 300 employees, they also offer a range of outbound services, including cold calling and LinkedIn campaigns.


Best if you want a US-based agency and you want to do more than just cold email


Pricey, with packages starting at $5k per month

  1. Other - Growth Rhino

Canadian based Growth Rhino has been operating for nearly 5 years and has some super useful YouTube videos and articles on the topics of cold email and demand generation.


Experienced team with lots of reputable clients


Lack of online reviews

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