Terms of Service

When you sign up to Linked Hacker’s services, you agree to the following terms of service:​

- By signing up, you agree to provide access to the relevant accounts.
- Linked Hacker also requires you to set up Quickmail software on your account, and provide us with access so that we can run campaigns on your behalf. We never have access to your inbox, and we do not need your password.
- Once you have signed up, you will be billed automatically every 7 days. 7 days notice is required to pause/cancel, unless agreed otherwise. When you sign up, you commit to a minimum of 4 weeks.
- If you choose to pause your campaign, there will be a £5 per week charge to keep your account open. This allows us restart your campaign from where you left off and avoid re-emailing the same people
- Unless otherwise stated, all payments are non-refundable.
- We define a lead as someone in your target market who has responded to your email or contacted you after clicking through to your website and has the potential to go onto be a customer. Typical replies might include people who have shown an interest, have questions about your service, refer you to a more relevant colleague, or people who ask you to follow up with them at a later date. All of these leads can be followed up with and have the potential to go onto be customers.
- Factors outside of our control can inhibit our ability to generate you leads, such as your domain being previously reported for spam, the client choosing to go against our expert advice when choosing which email copy to send and/or the client choosing the wrong target market. We therefore cannot guarantee a minimum number of leads. Any numbers shown on our website are an average across our 1,000+ clients.
- We cannot be held responsible because you have previously had your domain blacklisted for sending spam. Should this happen, Linked Hacker is happy to help you set up a new domain to send emails from. The cost for this service is £100.
- We build your lists upfront for the coming 4 weeks. For this reason, you can only set/change your targeting every 4 weeks. If you need to change your targeting sooner than that, we charge a £100 fee to do so.